The traditional forms of marketing include: trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail and other forms that have been around for years.  Yet, with new technological advances, it is becoming harder and harder for businesses to reach their consumers with these methods.  How often do you jump off your sofa to talk to the telemarketer on the phone or answer the door at dinner time to purchase the new “goodie” from the salesman?  I’d guess the answer is: not very often!

The new generation of consumers come from a high-tech world.  The internet is a primary source of information about a product or company before making a purchase.  So, why is it that we still think of traditional ways to market to our consumers?  Human nature moves towards consistency and working in the same manner that we are used to…but it is time for a revolution in marketing!  The new crave: Inbound Marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing you ask?  Inbound marketing is inviting your consumers to come to you… because they are already searching for your company!  Instead of pushing a message to the public, invite the consumer to become a part of your world – the world they are already so involved in.  Inbound marketing allows the consumer to “come to” the company in a virtual sense: Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc.  This involves an open dialogue between consumer and company in which information flows frequently and freely.

Strike Marketing is a huge supporter of Inbound Marketing and we invite you to speak with us about the opportunities your company may be missing by excluding the realm of inbound marketing.