On May 4, 2009 Chiefmarketer.com posted an article titled “Five Must Ask Twitter Questions”. Both Jennifer and Melissa, Marketing Associates at Strike Marketing commented. Here are their thoughts:


The article focused on questioning a companies’ ability to optimize site traffic, search engine rankings, inventory depletion, reputation management, and news distribution on Twitter. The article brought about some interesting points that many companies are missing out on:

  1. Social Media Marketing, like the use of Twitter, is an extremely effective and inexpensive tool for marketing a company or product- if done properly.
  2. Twitter is one way to manage the company reputation (which has been mentioned in our blog: Social Media Marketing’s Social Implications)
  3. Companies that have an inventory have a source of reminding consumers about sales- or even giving special promotions to Twitter followers
  4. Twitter allows companies to drive traffic to their website and increase rankings


One thing that Strike Marketing realizes is that Twitter is merely a starting point for Social Media Marketing to drive business. The article should truly be asking companies these 5 questions regarding ALL of their social networking efforts. The world of Social Networking did not just start with Twitter, but with the invention of the World Wide Web.


There are five questions that have been presented within this article that pertain to companies’ objectives as they break into the world of social media marketing. Twitter has been proven to be a valuable multifaceted tool in not only creating awareness of the brand, but enabling creativity of the companies in how they market to their consumers and get them more involved with the company.
Twitter continues to up the ante as it drives social media marketing in its continuous expansion. Companies across the board who have tried their hand at Twitter have seen the results of an increase in site traffic, quantifiable search and keyword results. This article has exemplified a few companies (Banana Republic, Old Navy, Kohls, Movies Unlimited) that have used Twitter in a more creative retail endeavor. They have acknowledged the opportunity of such a vast marketplace and created a tangent off the main site for promotions and specialty buys, but the secret weapon that Twitter has discovered and unleashed on its network is the direct line of open communication between company and consumer. This allows the company to receive positive and negative feedback straight from the source and, in turn, manage their reputation effectively and deliver to the consumers what they really want.
The options, or rather, opportunity to utilize Twitter within the marketing mix is sky high. Although Twitter has lit the path for social media marketing, there are other numerous channels that offer various other services in different structures that will soon be integrated into the marketing mix.