Q:  What is a sticky blog?

A:  It’s simply a blog that makes you want to stick around!

Q:  How do you create a sticky blog?

A:  That’s a little trickier.  To create a sticky blog, you should use a couple techniques.

Techniques of Creating a Sticky Blog:

First, find opportunities to link your blog to other posts to create a more in-depth view of the topic.  The objective here is not to link to other sites, but to link to other posts you have written.  As the reader clicks through the links, they are staying on your blog and becoming a “sticky” reader.  This technique is not to be confused with linking to outside blogs to increase your search rankings!

One goal that you should create for yourself is to get people to read and then comment on your blog posts.  As people make comments on your post, other readers will want to read more and will stay on your blog site longer.  Sometimes the best part of a blog is simply reading the comments!  So, spark some conversation and get people motivated to keep coming back for more.

You can also pull people into your blogs by taking insightful comments and quirky sentences from your post and sending them out via other social networking sites.  By posting these to Facebook, Twitter, etc. you will gain a wider audience on your blog and will create more buzz.

– Jennifer DeMarco, Marketing Manager