Social media marketing has become a key component for networking in the beauty industry.  Salons should be inquiring as to the importance of this marketing tool. Salon owners could try to tackle this monster themselves, but to really target your clientele and still have time to run your business you may need to seek out professionals. The chances that a large portion of your clients being on some sort of social media page is highly likely. Working with a company who can market for you would be a very smart investment.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to social media. There are so many avenues to reach your clients now with the largest and most obvious being Facebook and Twitter. People of all ages are now engaging in Facebook and Twitter. You can reach your clients no matter what age or personality. In fact, an article on proves that social media is booming amongst all age groups by mentioning that “…social networking usage among the over-65 population is up 100 percent–more than three times the overall growth of social networking as a whole”. Do you want to reach audiences across the board? Your best bet is to work with a marketing team that can help you customize and add reputability to your salon.

There are companies such as Strike Marketing that specializes in this type of marketing for the beauty industry. Since they are familiar with the industry they are going to be able to meet the needs of your business with the knowledge of the industry needs behind their ideas. Having a quality website for your business should be your top priority.

“At its’ most powerful, marketing isn’t about branding and buzzwords. It’s about giving your true target market the information they need to make the right choices. Purchasers need clear, compelling information to help them make the best possible buying decision. Give them that information, and you win”, says Kelly Conway, Founder and General Manager at Strike Marketing. Strike Marketing is a based out of Los Gatos, California.

– Vanessa Barnhill