Do you remember the days when people talked by phone or “snail mail”? Years ago, the way we communicated started to change. People talked via e-mail, phone, and instant messaging services. Now, Social Networking sites are changing the way companies do business, people interact, and news is disseminated. But these sites have some major implications for businesses…

Satisfied customers used to tell one or two people that they were happy with a product, service, or business. Contrarily, an unhappy customer would tell eight to ten people. It was always beneficial for a company to make a customer happy, but social networking sites are making it more important than ever. Telling friends, family, and acquaintances is a thing of the past. Now, people are telling hundreds to millions of people about their experiences- good and bad. For example, Twitter users are accessing at least 6 million people with their news- worldwide! Bloggers can reach billions of people with information ranging from product reviews to company information.

It is vital that companies are maintaining their image through social networking sites, known as Social Media Marketing. Many major companies are hiring personnel to review social networking sites to maintain happy customers. A customer could post a negative experience with a company, only to promptly be contacted by that company. Companies are able to do “damage control” as the negative comment is posted, since these sites work in “real-time”.

Review our recent post on Dominoe’s employees and their YouTube video to see how companies are using social media sites to maintain their company image.

-Jennifer Daily