Technology has been expanding rapidly and has seemed to slow at the creation of the internet.  People questioned, what will be next to rival the internet?  Still, technology grew to include phones with internet capabilities (I.E. iPhone) and games that allowed the gamer to play through movement (I.E. Wii).  These seemed like advanced products, but what happens if you connect the two concepts?  Could this rival your basic internet in the near future for gathering information?  Check out the video below about the new SixthSense created by Pranav Mistry.


On another side of this technology, I question: How will this revolutionize the marketing industry?  If the SixthSense takes off and becomes the “norm” for gathering information, what will marketers have to do to increase their efforts?  Will we simply need to understand our demographic more and utilize the standard internet technology to improve search data? Or will we have to learn an entire new system and market to MORE than our target demographic?  If consumers can gather information instantaneously, anywhere, how flashy does product packaging need to be?  Will consumers be drawn to packaging anymore or simply what their SixthSense is telling them about the product, use, safety, ethics, etc.

What are your thoughts on the impact this technology will have on both (or either) the technology or marketing industries?