Companies are quickly turning to a new way of marketing. As consumers log on to the web for their email, news, online shopping, research, advertisements, new product releases, and network communities, the web is now considered as their main “go to” for their information needs. As a result companies have begun to structure their marketing and advertising strategies toward social media marketing.

Aveda, a beauty product company, has turned to blogging as a means of promoting their products that in turn has opened up the lines of communication between the company and their consumers. Consumers across the board praise social media as it allows them direct communication with the company, whereas before, marketing and advertising was very one-sided. Social media marketing is beginning to revolutionize the marketing industry as a whole.

In 2009 two-thirds of all companies will be dedicating more of their budget to social media and records of their spending are up 10% from 2008. The style of social media has become very attractive to the companies because it is not so garish as traditional marketing that could potentially pressure their potential target market. The speed and reach in which a company can disseminate new information to consumers is unlike anything that they have experienced prior to this break out in development. As social media continues to grow, the demographics are opening up from ages 20-50 as a result of exposure and education of the web, and companies are capitalizing on this opportunity of grand exposure.

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-Melissa Miller