Apple has been at it again! The corporation is a powerhouse when it comes to inventing and distributing powerful products to the marketplace. They are a staple in the homes of millions between their iPods, iPhones, iPad, etc. New products are always on the top of people’s wish list, so is it any surprise that a week into launching their Ping program through iTunes they’ve already had over a million people sign up?

Haven’t heard of Ping? That’s ok, you will! Ping is a platform through iTunes 10 that is described as “Facebook meets Twitter for music”. The program allows users to follow friends and artists to see what they are listening to and what they are adding to their music lists/library. To try out this new feature, login to your iTunes account (we know you have one!), download iTunes 10, turn Ping on and you’re done! Ping is at your fingertips from there.

The interactivity and popularity of Ping will be seen over the next few months. In the meantime, the question becomes – how can I leverage Ping for my company?!

– Jennifer DeMarco
Marketing Manager