“Twitter, tweeting, poke, hug, tag, buddies, comments, wall posting, blogging…. It almost sounds like a different language, so what does this actually mean besides a bunch of nonsense? The biggest development in networking today is starting to expand at a rapid pace. Social Media has become the biggest development among people of all ages for various different reasons, but yet continues to have split reviews from people of whether or not it is really practical or just an annoyance.

I kept hearing about Twitter from some of my friends who have been hooked into the latest fad as well as on TV from numerous celebrities that religiously give updates on their latest endeavors. I decided to check it out first hand to see what all the fuss was about, but my biggest question was, “why should people care about what someone had for breakfast?” Well I guess some people like to be “in the know”, however that is not the only benefit that Twitter or various other Social Medias like Facebook and MySpace provide.

I just recently posted an update on Facebook regarding my frustration in trying to figure out how my new phone works and how to set up my facebook application correctly so that I can view wall comments, messages, etc. Within a matter of minutes I had someone comment on my update and give me helpful sites and tips on how to go about setting up applications stress free. These various Social Medias have become almost a must have, or a valuable tool for people to stay in contact with friends, provide a creative outlet that allows them to them to have a voice, as well as provide them with information about various companies and their products, music and aspiring artists, new movies, entrepreneurial clothing designers and business men etc.

As a result you have millions of people connected on one network which creates a highly viewed community that has become a great opportunity for companies to start marketing themselves on these sites. By capitalizing on this opportunity this will in turn educate consumers on the latest products or information about their development, as well as opens up lines of communication between companies and consumers directly. There may be something to this Social Media Marketing thing.

-Melissa Miller