In today’s society it is evident that the means of communication has changed drastically. More and more people are turning to social media sites to voice their opinions, post their complaints, market their company, and reunite with family and friends. People who are too shy to talk on the phone to a real live person or may not have the courage to call customer service to report a complaint find that social media sites allow them to regain their voice via internet.

Social Media enables a company to maintain their reputation and as a result there has been a noticeably quicker response rate between company and consumer when a complaint has been posted. Not only does it allow direct contact between the two parties, but as incentive to project a squeaky clean reputation companies will act immediately to any complaint or question that may look poorly on their part if not dealt with in a timely fashion.

This new way of interacting has proven to be beneficial for companies as well as consumers who search for a voice, or old friends and family who may have lost contact over the years or are continually moving.   Social media allows for interaction and conversation of common topics or touchy issues.  It provides a certain type of community between members alike. People are speaking out like never before.

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By: Melissa Miller