It is a scary thing to divert and abandon everything you have learned and been trained to do, but accepting change and being able to adapt to it is necessary in the business world. For some social media marketing is an overwhelming obis of confusion and frustration, and want to have nothing to do with it. For others they have used it but never developed this resource to work as an effective tool and as a result caused more headaches rather than helping the business, but there are three things to keep in mind as you prepare to take that leap.

When companies decide to take that leap of faith and devote themselves to developing a strong and effective social media marketing program, the opportunities and success are exponential. With any potential for success is the potential for risk, and because you now allow consumers to have a voice, perspectives can go either way. Tough skin may be needed when starting out, but in time you will develop a loyal cliental that will overshadow any negative press you may have received from those few hard-nosed consumers. One thing to remember is that you cannot please everyone, but you can certainly strive for excellence.

The culprit behind the fear of giving into and joining social media sites may not be so much the problem of advanced technology, but more so the overwhelming amounts of social media sites that are available and feeling the need to be a part of every one. Start off in stages and pick a few to focus on. Once those have been integrated you can try your hand a few more to see how they compare and if they add value to your social media marketing endeavors, maybe there is no need to add anymore sites to your marketing mix.

Lastly, do not make the excuse that you created a site and nothing happened. The creation of the site is not what generates attention but rather the interaction between company and consumer. The most successful companies participating in social media marketing is an active strategy and participation in social media sites with constant interaction. When has success ever come without lifting a finger? Talk (comment, tweet, blog) your way to the top!

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Melissa Miller