There comes a point when one must ask themselves, “Is this truly necessary? Or am I just a little obsessed?” The Social Marketing Journal,,  explores this topic as they discuss whether or not 1 hour, 5 hours, or 5 hours + a day is a little too obsessive to be spending on social media sites, and if all that time is aiding to achieve the goals of the company.

There is no correct time that has been pronounced as the minimum or maximum amount of time to spend online fo social media to work effectively, but rather is more subjective in its involvement and what the objective is.  Social media allows for the potential of a message or posting to be seen by millions of viewers and generate an increase in traffic to your company’s site, and through experimentation you can decipher how much time spent on social media sites works for you and your company. Depending on how much time is allowed with busy work schedules and having to split time between multiple social media sites, designate consider calendaring a designated minimum amount of time to each site. Some specific social media sites may only need to be updated once a week, some daily, some hourly and so on and so forth.

Another important factor to keep in mind when engaging in social media marketing is what target market are you trying to pursue? Is it a specific industry? A specific age group? A specific geographical location? These questions will help to keep you on track and will serve to make Social Media be a more effective marketing tool while you try to project your company’s brand and positioning to attract potential customers. Social media can be very time consuming (and addicting!) but the potential and the reach is astronomical once the correct mix for your company, has been created and applied to your Social Media Marketing efforts.

By: Melissa Miller