As most companies know it is next to impossible to please every one of their consumers with each product that launches. Twitter, one of the fastest growing Social Networking sites, is receiving rave reviews as well as immense criticism. Twitter is unlike any other networking site in the way it is structured and the purpose that it was created to serve. Users may join Twitter for many different reasons, whether they want in on the fun and see what the buzz is all about, they like giving updates that allows them to create a narrative to their life, or they want to update the masses on their new endeavors.  Criticism of Twitter has mostly been focused upon the fact that people do not care about every single move a person makes, or they become bored with the service in itself.

Twitter has proven to have a very distinct structure and feel that differs greatly from MySpace and Facebook. Profile pages are not necessarily personalized as much as those on other Social Networks, no pictures, videos, music, but rather it is more of a massive chat room where anyone can join a conversation and put in their two cents about an issue.

Twitter has been named the fastest growing social networking site as it has grown 100% in the last month, yet their retention numbers are slipping to 60% (Get more facts on How can this possibly be? Easy, it is not what users expected or what is has been built it up to be and Twitter, a tool used for producing information among the masses, does not fit their objectives.

When it comes down to it, it is all about lifestyle. What are you going to use Twitter for? Do you have time to update it hourly? Daily? Weekly? Are you interested in having a vast amount of information at your fingertips? If you check up on your friends once a month, Twitter may not be for you.  With that said, it certainly can be a valuable tool in giving the latest scoop on the updates of your life, new career moves etc

-Melissa Miller