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Job Profile Update on Facebook

Late last year, Facebook launched another profile layout update.  With a new layout came a small glitch in the system for marketers.  When a user entered their employer information, a templated page was generated and linked to.  So, instead of a friend being able to link to the person’s employer, they received a dummy page instead.  This is somewhat easily fixed, but not known intuitively.

Follow these easy steps:

1) Log into your Facebook account and go to “Edit my page”.

2) Click “Education and Work”

3) You can now edit your employment and school history.  Make sure when you update your employer information that you use the link to your companies’ actual Facebook page and not the dummy pages that were created.

Now people can get to your company page and “Like” it from yours!

For more information read: “Are Facebook Profiles Costing you Fans?”

Check In with Facebook

People spend hours checking up on their friends’ lives through Facebook via both computer and mobile devices.  The latest in Facebook’s technology is called “Places”; where users can update where they are currently located and their friends can check-in with them.  But, now Facebook is looking further into integrating daily life into the social networking site.

“30% of all TV viewers have admitted to being logged onto Facebook while watching a show”, EMEA Vice President Joanna Shields states.  So, Facebook new idea is to have people check-in to their favorite shows.  Facebook users could click what they are watching, which would allow Facebook friends to see what their friends are watching and weigh in on it.

Check out more about TV Check Ins.


Television turned social networking

The way people gain information has changed throughout time.  Now, people watch television from their iPod, iPad, computer, and the television set.  Additionally, social networking has become a huge part of daily life for so many individuals.

The UK BBC station created iPlayer which allows people to chat while watching their shows online.  When an individual finds something they like, a friend can click on what is being watched and view it immediately for themselves.  The platform allows connectivity between friends to share, chat, and explore together.  Watch this “commercial” for the iPlayer:


Find more information on the iPlayer.

– Jennifer DeMarco
Marketing Manager

Ping…by Apple

Apple has been at it again! The corporation is a powerhouse when it comes to inventing and distributing powerful products to the marketplace. They are a staple in the homes of millions between their iPods, iPhones, iPad, etc. New products are always on the top of people’s wish list, so is it any surprise that a week into launching their Ping program through iTunes they’ve already had over a million people sign up?

Haven’t heard of Ping? That’s ok, you will! Ping is a platform through iTunes 10 that is described as “Facebook meets Twitter for music”. The program allows users to follow friends and artists to see what they are listening to and what they are adding to their music lists/library. To try out this new feature, login to your iTunes account (we know you have one!), download iTunes 10, turn Ping on and you’re done! Ping is at your fingertips from there.

The interactivity and popularity of Ping will be seen over the next few months. In the meantime, the question becomes – how can I leverage Ping for my company?!

– Jennifer DeMarco
Marketing Manager

Help Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Clean-Up

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is currently one of the top newsworthy stories.  Strike Marketing works with many “Green” companies, so why wouldn’t we be too?!  The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is drastically expanding as days and time passes, so many people are wondering: What can I do to help?  Well…Here’s an answer!!

San Francisco company, Matter of Trust takes donated hair, nylons, wool, etc. to create mats that help soak up spilled oil.  Each mat can absorb approximately a quart of oil!  Matter of Trust is looking for your help now.  Help save our oceans and our planet by visiting the Matter of Trust website to find out how you can donate items or encourage your local salon to help.

We will be doing our part to help, what will you do?