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Online Purchasing Decisions


According to Business Insider, Google remains the number one way that people find information in regards to making a purchasing decision.  What does that mean for you?  It is still important to have high organic Google search results along with advertising with Google Adwords vs. Facebook ads.

For the full article, please visit Business Insider for details.

Search Marketing Trends 2011

Previously, traditional marketing efforts urged people to visit brick and mortar locations.  With the introduction of the internet, efforts have shifted to allowing easy-access to merchandise via company websites.  Many customers research where and how they will make a purchase through internet research.

In 2009, Forrester Research estimated that $917 billion retail sales were influenced by the web.  Additionally, $155 billion was spent online in 2009.  It is important that as we enter 2011, businesses realize the influence that the website has on their company, products and image.  Companies cannot simply market either online or via traditional marketing, it must be a collaboration between the two marketing efforts to maximize reach.

With the introduction of smartphones, another vehicle for marketing has been introduced.          Where the internet once took over for research, more and more people are now using their          phone as a way to research, locate, and find deals on companies and products.  Using                  applications such as “Places“, “Foursquare“, and “Google Maps” will help companies reach        their consumers with promotions.

Another advantage that companies must focus efforts on is the use of PPC advertising through not only Google Adwords, but also on Facebook.  Facebook use has surpassed the use of Google and with the introduction of new functionality and the impending upgrades to Facebook, the social networking site is sure to be in even more high demand.  Additionally, the use of Facebook ads allows a company to target their customers based on different search criteria.

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-Jennifer DeMarco, Marketing Manager

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Paul Mitchell’s Gathering 2010

Paul Mitchell’s the Gathering 2010 is coming soon! We have joined the “buzz”…will you?

Twitter becoming Monetized

Previously a paid-for free zone, Twitter has now started testing phases on allowing companies to have “promoted by” tweets.  One of the main features of these tweets is a company can set a budget and promote a specific tweet.  The tweet will allow sub-text to be provided followed by ‘Promoted by ______’.  This will also show the number of retweets that the ad has received.  Currently, there are only a few companies that are allowed to use this tool and are testing to see how successful the program is.  This new way of tweeting combines organic search with paid promotions.  Read the full article from Blog Catalog.

Jennifer DeMarco
Marketing Manager

What Does your Logo Say?

Company logos may be one of the most important items created in a company.  It provides an identity to the company and, if done properly, represents who the company is, what the company is about, and who the company’s target audience is.  What happens when a company does a poor job of creating their logo?  It can be detrimental to a company!  The general public is left confused and wondering – Who are these people?!

Brand New is a company that wrote a review on the best and worst logos of 2009.  After reviewing their list of the best and the worst logos, I found it shocking to see who made the list.  The worst logo of 2009?  Bing!  That’s right – newly created Bing that hit the ground running with their nonstop advertisements and “unique” search engine capabilities that rivaled Google.  Ironically, the best logo of 2009 went to AOL.  If you want to see more of what Brand New had to say, check out the Best and Worst logo of 2009 article.

A word of wisdom to company owners: Let a designer work with your logo!  It could mean the difference between having a great logo and a dud.  And how great is it that Strike Marketing has a designer to help you create that amazing logo?!  For more information, contact Strike Marketing today!

Damaged Reputation?

They are already talking. Comments, complaints, praises, questions are already posted. As a business it is very important to be in the social media community to manage your reputation.  The Social Marketing Journal, discusses the benefits and the necessary actions involved with successfully managing your company’s reputation, and  how social media marketing and reputation management should be in a company’s  long term marketing plan.

Social media sites are built specifically to create a sense of community and get the conversation going, but there are specific sites, such as yelp, built for rating companies and products which allows consumers to post their comments, both positive and negative. A survey was taken and 60% of consumers said that they actively use social media sites to vent their complaints about a specific company or product, housed by sites like yelp and many alike. As a result more and more consumers will decipher their purchase after checking out those sites to see how those companies or products are ranked and what fellow consumers had to say about them. Having access to accounts and being a part of the social media community, companies can be active in addressing negative comments, or answering questions that consumers may have, and as a result trust and credibility for your company will build up within the social media world.

The Social Marketing Journal put it best when they said, “Good reputation is worth more than dollars…” but first, “If you really want to protect your reputation and make your reputation management easier, you need to provide that positive experience in the first place.”

By: Melissa Miller

One article, Two Thoughts

On May 4, 2009 posted an article titled “Five Must Ask Twitter Questions”. Both Jennifer and Melissa, Marketing Associates at Strike Marketing commented. Here are their thoughts:


The article focused on questioning a companies’ ability to optimize site traffic, search engine rankings, inventory depletion, reputation management, and news distribution on Twitter. The article brought about some interesting points that many companies are missing out on:

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Revolutionizing Marketing

Companies are quickly turning to a new way of marketing. As consumers log on to the web for their email, news, online shopping, research, advertisements, new product releases, and network communities, the web is now considered as their main “go to” for their information needs. As a result companies have begun to structure their marketing and advertising strategies toward social media marketing. Read more…

How was Twitter Started?

What is Twitter, why was it created, and what is its’ purpose?


Read the San Jose Mercury News article, from co-founder Biz Stone at

YouTube Video in the News

YouTube made the San Jose Mercury News for a video posted by two employees of the famous pizza restaurant: Dominoes. The employees were in jail and fired from the company…check out why at

It is amazing how social networking sites are becoming a tool for hiring and maintain quality employees. Social networking sites allow companies to find questionable employees and maintain a positive company image. If Dominoes’ had kept these employees on the payroll, what kind of damage would their company’s reputation be facing?

Come back soon to see what kind of social implications social networking sites have on companies.