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Social Implications of Social Networking Sites

Do you remember the days when people talked by phone or “snail mail”? Years ago, the way we communicated started to change. People talked via e-mail, phone, and instant messaging services. Now, Social Networking sites are changing the way companies do business, people interact, and news is disseminated. But these sites have some major implications for businesses…

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How was Twitter Started?

What is Twitter, why was it created, and what is its’ purpose?


Read the San Jose Mercury News article, from co-founder Biz Stone at

YouTube Video in the News

YouTube made the San Jose Mercury News for a video posted by two employees of the famous pizza restaurant: Dominoes. The employees were in jail and fired from the company…check out why at

It is amazing how social networking sites are becoming a tool for hiring and maintain quality employees. Social networking sites allow companies to find questionable employees and maintain a positive company image. If Dominoes’ had kept these employees on the payroll, what kind of damage would their company’s reputation be facing?

Come back soon to see what kind of social implications social networking sites have on companies.

New Division: Social Media Marketing

The adventure has begun, and it is official that Strike Marketing is taking on a new division of the company.  Strike Marketing now offers Social Media Marketing as an option for your company.  Social Media Marketing is the new wave in the marketing industry and can become a vital asset to advertise your products or services.

There are so many people talking about Social Media Marketing right now, but only a handful understand the concept and the “inner-workings” of how to create and execute this program.

Check back for further information on this exciting new endeavor.  We will continue to update the blog as we help our clients with Social Media Marketing and find other interesting articles about the effects of Social Media Marketing.