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Start Using Mobile Marketing to Reach Prospects

Announcing Mobile Marketing Starter package for less than the cost of your mobile phone bill!*

Unbelievable? No, just smart packaging by a firm that understands mobile marketing.

Strike Marketing will:
1. Optimize  your  website for mobile
2. Launch a Google AdWords mobile campaign with $125 credit towards click costs
3. Create an e-mail blast template optimized for mobile
4. Register a .mobi version of the your  domain name
5. Provide QR codes for your website

Contact Kelly cell 408-230-3131.

Did you read this on your phone or tablet?

*Terms and Conditions apply

What Do Students Want to See on A Mobile Site?

Student with Mobile Phone

Do you have a mobile website?  How does it stack up to what your potential students are looking for from their phone?

Previously, Strike Marketing created the Top 10 Best Practices Guide for cosmetology school websites; but now, mobile websites are becoming just as important to reach your target market.   As technology has grown and improved, we must also look at the best practices for Mobile websites.  Although we  did not conduct this study ourselves, we have found the most reputable list of items that students are looking for.  (You can find the Noel-Levitz mobile trend study here.)

Did you Know?  52% of college-bound high school students viewed school’s websites on a mobile device.

What exactly are student’s looking for?  Here it is:

1. Academic program listing
2. Cost/scholarship calculators
3. A calendar of important dates and deadlines
4. Specifi c details about academic programs
5. An application process summary
6. Online application forms

How does your mobile website stack up to the list?  Feeling overwhelmed or don’t have a mobile site? Contact Strike Marketing.

Internet and Mobile Advertising

Google Adwords

In 2004, Strike Marketing was launched using Google AdWords. Since that time we have developed, implemented and managed online advertising campaigns for more than a dozen clients. Google AdWords remains the anchor to our online advertising strategy. The use of advertising networks and advertising programs in social media sites such as Facebook and Linkedin have been tested. We believe high ROI campaigns in online advertising lies in re-marketing and mobile programs offered by the major players in the space. Please contact Strike Marketing if you’re interested in learning more efficient ways to build your business and profits.

Sales and Marketing with Strike Marketing

Strike Marketing has developed detailed and long or short term sales and or marketing plans for clients in the technology, Internet-centric services, video gaming, SaaS, vocational schools and retail business segments. Plans have included company and product launches, targeted marketing plans to specific customer audiences and/or tradeshow and event marketing. The result of such plans has led to increased investor funding, revenue from targeted customer segments, favorable press and market awareness and establishing clear brand identity and competitive differentiators.