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Twitter Third-Party Options

There are many services that allow you to tweet without having to log into  If you are thinking about using a third-party service, then the best one to use is the one that suites your work style the best.  Here is a rundown of a few of the services out there:
1) Tweetdeck allows for multiple accounts to be run in a multi-column format.  It is easy to navigate the system and set up searches through global tweets. URLs can be shortened from the interface and can also link to your Facebook account.
2) If you want the option to start with a free version and possibly upgrade to more features for a price, Hootsuite may be for you!  This program allows you to add multiple social networking sites to one location and set up a schedule of posts to each.  Images can be attached to your postings and you can easily shorten links through the easy-to-navigate interface.
3) Seesmic is customizable, but lacks the ability to schedule updates.  If you are new to using a third-party service for tweeting and don’t need the bells and whistles, then this may be the program for you.
4) CoTweet is great if you have multiple people participating in the creation and execution of Twitter messages.  Just as its’ name implies, many people can log in and use this service and users can assign tasks to each other to help ensure a clean transition between users.
5)  BirdHerd is good for people who must manage multiple accounts.  It is not as user-friendly, but allows the use of direct messages from one account to control multiple accounts.
6) Brizzly integrates multimedia like Google Wave.  It allows private conversations between multiple users.  If you were a fan of Google Wave, this might be what you crave!
With all the options out there for tweeting, the best option is what works for you.  And it’s ok to try and several.  I know I sure did until I found one that works best for me and my work style.  And as my workload increases, I try something new!  Have fun with it, because it’s all about being social.
-Jennifer DeMarco, Marketing Manager

Job Profile Update on Facebook

Late last year, Facebook launched another profile layout update.  With a new layout came a small glitch in the system for marketers.  When a user entered their employer information, a templated page was generated and linked to.  So, instead of a friend being able to link to the person’s employer, they received a dummy page instead.  This is somewhat easily fixed, but not known intuitively.

Follow these easy steps:

1) Log into your Facebook account and go to “Edit my page”.

2) Click “Education and Work”

3) You can now edit your employment and school history.  Make sure when you update your employer information that you use the link to your companies’ actual Facebook page and not the dummy pages that were created.

Now people can get to your company page and “Like” it from yours!

For more information read: “Are Facebook Profiles Costing you Fans?”

Social Inbox by Facebook

What is the Social Inbox?  That’s the new term for Facebook’s upcoming email platform; but it’s much more than just an email program.

The Social Inbox will allow users to keep all conversations in one place for easy communication with family, friends, colleagues, etc.  The user will be able to email and text through one interface and maintain the conversation all in one place.

Additionally, you will only be able to see messages from friends and family unless you place other companies’ emails into your “social inbox”.  This will allow you to control who you see messages from and eliminate the spam that inevitably has found its way to your inbox in the past.

There is a great video that explains how the Social Inbox will work:


-Jennifer DeMarco, Marketing Manager