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Check In with Facebook

People spend hours checking up on their friends’ lives through Facebook via both computer and mobile devices.  The latest in Facebook’s technology is called “Places”; where users can update where they are currently located and their friends can check-in with them.  But, now Facebook is looking further into integrating daily life into the social networking site.

“30% of all TV viewers have admitted to being logged onto Facebook while watching a show”, EMEA Vice President Joanna Shields states.  So, Facebook new idea is to have people check-in to their favorite shows.  Facebook users could click what they are watching, which would allow Facebook friends to see what their friends are watching and weigh in on it.

Check out more about TV Check Ins.


5 SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital part of having a successful website and has proven to be an art form.  Here are some tips that we have fond and utilize in our own business practice:

  • Research, research, research!  No, this doesn’t require a research paper to be created!  However, researching the best keywords to use is an extremely important part of putting your website as a competitor with others in your industry.  Everybody is using the same keywords and people all research differently. So, it is important to use keyword analytics tools such as Google’s Free Keyword Tool.  The tool will help find keywords that you may be missing, which will increase your competitiveness in an organic search.
  • Set-up is key.  Web “crawlers” looks at your main navigation bar as the most important parts of your site.  Your most viewed pages should be accessible through the main navigation and associate it with major headings, keywords, etc.
  • Play the match game!  After you have created a list of keywords (through your research), match your keyword phrases with text on the page.  This will allow the web crawlers to make connections of what your site/company is really about.
  • Integrate title tags, meta descriptions and marketing copy.  This ties in with the previous tip…write descriptively so that your keywords are found throughout the page title, descriptions and text of the page.
  • Measure your success.  Measuring success on online work can be tricky, but when it comes to your website – it can be easy!  Use analytics tools – such as Google’s Analytics Tool – and measure targeted traffic and conversions.  When you have a conversion, that means the person was interested in your company enough to fill out a form.