It sounds as if a bell has rung or an idea has just struck in a cartoon.  “Bing”!  But as reality sets in, this is simply the name of the newest search engine created by Microsoft.  As of June 4, 2009 Bing has already become more popular than Yahoo!‘s search engine with a 16.28% of the market share.  However, Google still ranks number 1 with 71.47% of the market share.

A few months ago, Bing was something that was seen on random billboards talking about searching for cougars – and slowly became something that had television advertisements.  Then, one day, it became something that people were actually saying “I searched for it on Bing”.  Amazingly enough it wasn’t until that point in which I realized that this was a website that was going to need some monitoring.  For years it has always been “I Googled it” and SEO firms focused the majority of their efforts on Google.  But, now I question, “Do we [marketers] need to start learning the process of Search Engine Optimization for Bing?!”  My answer to this is “Yes!”.

After reviewing more features of Bing, it seems as if this site could be a miraculous discovery for the search engine era.  The site seems to mimic the human thought process and provide people with more relevant information to what they are truly looking for.  Therefore, I think Bing may become a powerhouse competing with Google for the number 1 position, in time.  This is definitely a site that Strike Marketing will be watching in order to provide great service to our clients!

-Jennifer Daily, Marketing Associate