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Damaged Reputation?

They are already talking. Comments, complaints, praises, questions are already posted. As a business it is very important to be in the social media community to manage your reputation.  The Social Marketing Journal, discusses the benefits and the necessary actions involved with successfully managing your company’s reputation, and  how social media marketing and reputation management should be in a company’s  long term marketing plan.

Social media sites are built specifically to create a sense of community and get the conversation going, but there are specific sites, such as yelp, built for rating companies and products which allows consumers to post their comments, both positive and negative. A survey was taken and 60% of consumers said that they actively use social media sites to vent their complaints about a specific company or product, housed by sites like yelp and many alike. As a result more and more consumers will decipher their purchase after checking out those sites to see how those companies or products are ranked and what fellow consumers had to say about them. Having access to accounts and being a part of the social media community, companies can be active in addressing negative comments, or answering questions that consumers may have, and as a result trust and credibility for your company will build up within the social media world.

The Social Marketing Journal put it best when they said, “Good reputation is worth more than dollars…” but first, “If you really want to protect your reputation and make your reputation management easier, you need to provide that positive experience in the first place.”

By: Melissa Miller

Lines of Communication Evolve

In today’s society it is evident that the means of communication has changed drastically. More and more people are turning to social media sites to voice their opinions, post their complaints, market their company, and reunite with family and friends. People who are too shy to talk on the phone to a real live person or may not have the courage to call customer service to report a complaint find that social media sites allow them to regain their voice via internet.

Social Media enables a company to maintain their reputation and as a result there has been a noticeably quicker response rate between company and consumer when a complaint has been posted. Not only does it allow direct contact between the two parties, but as incentive to project a squeaky clean reputation companies will act immediately to any complaint or question that may look poorly on their part if not dealt with in a timely fashion.

This new way of interacting has proven to be beneficial for companies as well as consumers who search for a voice, or old friends and family who may have lost contact over the years or are continually moving.   Social media allows for interaction and conversation of common topics or touchy issues.  It provides a certain type of community between members alike. People are speaking out like never before.

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By: Melissa Miller

Hours and Hours Spent on Social Media

There comes a point when one must ask themselves, “Is this truly necessary? Or am I just a little obsessed?” The Social Marketing Journal,,  explores this topic as they discuss whether or not 1 hour, 5 hours, or 5 hours + a day is a little too obsessive to be spending on social media sites, and if all that time is aiding to achieve the goals of the company. Read more…

Attention Small Businesses!! Social Media Marketing Can Even the Playing Field

We live in a world of innovations, a society that is constantly looking for ways to advance in its technology. If you are not careful you may fall behind the pack. The web has become a valuable tool in creating and housing these innovations, and constant challenges between companies keep the competition heightened. Business Week recognizes the value of social media marketing as a means for “leveling the playing field between small businesses and corporate giants.”

You can read what Business Week had to say at

The early birds have already begun to play the game and are actively participating in various social media marketing campaigns. More late bloomers are coming full circle as they watch business take off as a result to these massive networking sites. 200 million users have been recorded having accounts on Facebook, 30 million on LinkedIn, and Twitter, not even 3 years old, is growing more rapidly than any other social media site prior to, as thousands and thousands of new users join each month.

Business Week has recognized that these campaigns are extremely time consuming, and Strike Marketing has acknowledged and addressed this issue as well. We have created a full service social media marketing program to launch as means for getting new users in the game. More than likely your competitors are already connected as this revolutionary marketing medium is rapidly attracting businesses of all sizes and industries. Why sit on the bench watching when you could play?

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By: Melissa Miller